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The Ideal Food ¨C Spirulina   ÖÐÎÄ°æ 

by Dai Ju-Yin (translated by Robin Pan)

Spiralina belongs to the blue algae family, has a dark green color, it was named by its spiral form. The body length is only about 0.3 to 0.5 mm . It is the earliest photosynthesis plant, has existed for more than 350 million years.

It was discovered by French scientist Creach in a lake in middle Africa in the 30s of 20th century. Later in the 60s, also found in a lake in Mexico . After many researches, scientists found that spirulina is the sea plant with the most abundant and balanced nutrition. Hence UN¡¯s FAO (food and agriculture organization) called it ¡°the ideal supplement in the 21st century¡±. 

Why it is called the ideal supplement? It contains rich protein, 22 kinds of amino acid, 10 vitamin B complex, and D, E, K. It also contains folic acid, r- beta-carotene and 19 kinds of minerals including potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, iodine and choleraphil. The protein content is 70%, this is 3 times higher than beef, chicken, and fish. It is four times higher than pork, 2 times than soybean, 2.4 times than cheese, 6 times than wheat and 8 times than rice. It also contains 8 different kinds of amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the human body, the content is also close to the ideal number set by the FAO. Therefore it was recommended by many world organizations and countries for food supplement. WHO called it ¡°the best supplement for the 21st century¡± U.S. and French use it for the astronauts and military. It is also used for the Olympic atheletes by the U.S. Japan, Germany and China . Japan consumes several hundred tons of spirulina each year. It is estimated more than 80 countries and ten millions of people using it.

In Russia , it is also called the protector of the health. A medical report released in 1993 pointed out that in the nuclear plant leaking accident, 16 thousands of children were affected the radiation. They have symptoms like leukemia, cancer, hyperthyroidism, anemia, reduced appetite, and vision. Lowered immune system functions, this is called AIDS of the nuclear plant accident. In a hospital specialized in treating radiation damaged patients, children were given several grams of spirulina with combined treatment. Their radiation content in the urine reduced 50% in just 20 days. This indicates spirulina has the capability of healing radiation damage, should be an ideal supplement for radiation and chemo therapy patient.

Spirulina also has good medical benefits. ¦Ã-linolenic acid(GLA)  is a nonsaturated fatty acid required by the human body, it is also an important component for building cells. The products of its matabolism can reduce LDL (low density cholesterol) increase HDL (high density cholesterol) harmonize the fat in the blood and change the density of blood, it also reduces platelets¡¯ gathering effect hence thinning the blood and it dilates and softens blood vessel. The mineral content can protect myocardium, harmonize the anticoagulant effect, helps fat and sugar¡¯s matabolism. Therefore it can prevent or relieve diseases like hypertention, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, and cardiovascular diseases. Research has also indicated that diabetic patients blood contains very little vitamin B6 and magnesium, spirulina contains very rich of Vitamin B6 and choleralphil (made by magnesium), it can promote insulin secretion and helps diabetic. Renowned health researcher/advocate Dr. Chu-nan Lai has pointed out that intestinal ulcer and diseases many are caused by high stomach acid. Spirulina can reduce the secretion of stomach acid and increase the speed of body¡¯s matabolism of stomach acid, this will reduce the time of acid stimulation to the stomach wall. Lack of Prostaglandin is another reason of intestinal ulcer because Prostaglandin has the function of protecting the cells. Spirulina can help ulcer patient because it contains high level (1%) of ¦Ã-linolenic acid, which is a precursor of prostaglandin. It is also a basal (v.s. acidic) food, a basal environment in the body will help lactic acid bacteria¡¯s growth, they increase body¡¯s absoption of vitamin B1 and other vitamins, also help prevent intestinal infections and improve immune system¡¯s function. It also contains methionine and serine; with the help of magnesium and vitamin B6 more choline can be formed in human body. This will help reduce the chance of fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. The high quality of vegetable protein in spirulina content is high (70%) and can be easily absorbed by human body. It nourishes and protects the liver, promotes regeneration of the liver cells and restore its function. Spirulina also help prevent cancer because it raises immune funtion and protect the cells from cancer forming factors. The high content of SOD (superoxide dismutase) can also put free-radicals in the body under control hence reduce the chance of getting cancer. Many hospital has started to use spirulina for chemo and radiation treated cancer patients.

Spirulina also helps with anemia, because it contains easily absorbable protein and iron and copper, vitamin B6, B12, E, folic acid. All these are materials for making blood. In most food, only 10%-25% of iron can be absorbed, yet iron in spirulina has absorption rate of 70%. In Japan , a clinical experiment for anemia female patients shown hemoglobin raised from 10.9 g /dL to 13.2 g /dL after 80 days of having spirulina after meal.  

Spirulina is widely used in cosmetic industry for it improves endocrines¡¯ function, reduces yellow or brown spots, acnes, elderly spots on the skin and promotes hair growth. The high beta carratene content in spiurlina also has a good anitoxidant and reduce aging effect.  

Spirulina¡¯s easily absorption (95%, due to the cell wall is formed by multi-glucose material) made it very suitable and beneficial for high nutrition demand¡¯s pregnant women and fetus or low metabolic rate people like elderly and chronic disease patients. High mineral content (calcium and phospher for bone formation and zinc for increase appetite and protein synthesis) of spirulina also made it suitable for the growth children or juvenile. There have been countries like Mexico has official health regulation for infant food to contain 5% of spirulina to promote growth and health. Some nutritionist has found that 1 gram of spirulina contains nutrition equal to 1 kilogram of other vegetables and fruits. Therefore it has become the beloved supplements for frequent travelers.

In conclusion, spirulina is very effective in preventing disease and improving health, no wonder it has been called ¡°Angel of life¡± by many health experts. My friends, for you and your family¡¯s health, please bring this guardian angel that shining with light of life back home.

At the end, I wish everybody five fortunes ¡°well-being, prosperity, health, longevity, and peace¡±.




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